The Opening Number of NIGHT OF LIFE benefiting The Trevor Project

(Winter 19'). Sung by Jenna Rubaii.

Daniel has brought his versatile dance style to his choreography on numerous types of stages including NY festivals, Charity events, and Regional Theatre Stages across the country. Throughout each choreographic work he has worked with dancers of all training backgrounds and ages. Through his movement vocabulary and partnering knowledge Daniel works to connect  both the classical dance world with commercial styles for audiences to enjoy.


"Rainbow Remix" performed as the opening number at Leg Up On Life's NIGHT OF LIFE benefiting The Trevor Project August 27th at Hudson Terrace


Daniel teaching an open level partnering (photographed on left) and jazz (photographed on right) classes at a Dancers Against Cancer fundraiser January 2017

Daniel has been lucky enough to not only share his grooves through choreography but he has been given the opportunity to also share his teaching style with dancers around the country. Daniel previously taught on faculty of numerous traveling conventions and has been asked to different studios across the country as a guest instructor. In his travels Daniel works with talented recreational and professional dancers.
After years of constant travels Daniel has now joined guest faculties at STEPS On Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, and Peridance Capezio center. To stay up to date on his class schedule at these pick up studios  be sure to follow him on social media platforms! (Instagram : @djpgold  and Facebook : Daniel Gold)

"Did You Think I was a City" Leg Up On Life Spoken Word Gala promotional video


Daniel's classes always include a full body technical warm up. Depending on the style and level of class Daniel will then continue into a series of across the floor or a center floorwork excercise for the students to get their brains working at picking up movement in sequencial order before heading  into his full class combination. Daniel works to breakdown movement both technically and stylistically so anyone of any level can get the full effect of his class while remaining in a safe environment to allow and encourage students personal  growth.

Booking Inquiries

To book Daniel for workshops, choreography, master classes, or private sessions email him at


Adv Beginner Theatre Jazz at Broadway Dance Center

Intermediate Urban Contemporary at BRICKHOUSE NYC

STEPS On Broadway Intermediate Jazz